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i began my directing career at age 7....

...gathering the kids in my neighborhood to perform original scripts that I can only describe as absurdist adaptations loosely based on Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani's hit songs of the early 2000s.  At 13,I got a taste for directing on a real stage when a close friend of mine wrote an original play for my middle school theatre troupe, the Metal Shop Players. I went on to assist directors in high school, and went to Northwestern University eager to learn more about this specific craft...


hi baby grace!

At Northwestern, I received an excellent education in directing, taking multiple masterclasses with working directors, professors, and M.F.A candidates, assisting professors and M.F.A candidates, taking relevant courses on directing, and most importantly, getting firsthand practice via the huge student theatre collective on campus. 

  • As a director on campus, I was able to direct contemporary plays, musicals, new works where I got to collaborate with my playwright peers, one acts, 10 minute plays, and much more. More broadly, in my time at Northwestern I worked on a huge range of plays, spanning from Theatre for Young Audiences to classics. 

  • Relevant directing coursework: Fundamentals of Directing, Directing Sarah Ruhl, Text Analysis, Toy Theatre, The Art of Storytelling, Community-Based Theatre, and a 3 year Acting Sequence. I am a firm believer that being a good artists expands beyond traditional education in theatre, and my liberal arts education in all fields solidified my understanding of the stories I want to tell, as well as the most effective ways to connect with humans from all walks of life. As such, I also focused my studies in sociology, psychology, and environmental studies. 

  • As the Artistic Director of a student theatre company, I learned the demands of producing and administrating theatrical work from a behind the scenes perspective. I led the company in seeing out our mission statement: to produce theatre relevant to social and political issues, and to explore the intersections of arts and activism. I mentored several directors of our productions, including directors of devised works, and documentary theatre works. My time on this theatre company gave me insight into what it takes to produce artistic work, provided me an artistic community with which I could expand my understanding of theatre, activism, and social and political current events, and gave me an opportunity to practice leadership and mentorship. 

a lil sampling of my work

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figuring out a post-grad career during a global pandemic hasn't been easy

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Check out photos from the first ever production I directed at the age of 13: Falling Out by Kamaile Alnas-Benson! 

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